Disney California Adventure 

"To all who enter this Golden State: Welcome! Here you can visit the many different places of California in just a few footsteps. To the early days of Los Angeles, the wonders of movie making in Hollywood, the romantic boardwalks and piers, and lush national forests. California Adventure is dedicated to the natives, entrepreneurs, immigrants, and brave aviators who came with visions of success. California Adventure will continue to grow and become a place of wonder just as California has done for and will do for many, many years to come."

That was the dedication speech given to Miniature Disney California Adventure on July 16, 2011. As of right now, the park is expanding! Disney California Adventure, however, will be a magical and interactive place when the expansion/makeover is complete next year in 2013.


Buena Vista Street (Opening Day-Now) 

From the magnificent Pan-Pacific Auditorium-inspired Main Entrance gates to the soaring recreation of the Carthay Circle Theatre, Buena Vista Street is a bustling boulevard overflowing with shopping, dining, entertainment — and the spirit of optimism and opportunity that Walt Disney discovered in Los Angeles when he stepped off the train in 1923.

Paradise Pier (Opening Day-Now) 

Celebrate the excitement and romance of classic seaside amusement piers with some of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters, including Ariel, Mickey, Goofy, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. From boardwalks to gardens to rollercoasters, you've never had so much fun in the sun.

Grizzly Peak (Opening Day-Now)

Journey to a land filled with tall evergreen trees, roaring rapids, rugged mountains and an adventure around every corner. Grizzly Peak pays homage to the wonders of nature, the majesty of the great outdoors and the pioneering spirit of the men and women who explored California's natural landscape — and sought to preserve its beauty through the creation of the national parks in the early 20th century.!

Condor Flats (Opening Day-Now)

Rocket to a remote desert landing strip where daring men and women design, test and fly innovative aircraft with the goal of breaking the sound barrier — and beyond! Journey back to an age when the impossible suddenly felt possible and once insurmountable barriers were no match for a pioneering spirit and a little imagination.

Hollywoodland (Opening Day-Now)

Welcome to Hollywood Land, where the Golden Age of Hollywood and the magic of Disney movies are celebrated with attractions, shows and entertainment that conjure the romance, glamour and sentimentality of the silver screen. Walk down Hollywood Boulevard, visit a backlot of *Hollywood Studios and take a dark turn down Sunset Boulevard — anchored by the ominous Hollywood Tower Hotel. 

Cars Land (Coming soon!)

Feel like you've cruised into the real-life town of Radiator Springs. Here, Lightning McQueen, Mater and other popular Characters from the Disney·Pixar movie Cars are "revved up" to welcome you and your family. Coming 2013!

Pacific Bay (July 16, 2012-Now)

Pacific Bay is your haven for food, quiet, and ambiance! Near Grizzly Mountain is an area inspired by Napa Valley where you can taste fine wines and enjoy the cozy stone buildings that house some our finest restaurants. Across the bridge is Red Stone Square inspired by the very famous Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. Here you can see how the yummy Ghirardelli chocolate are made, visit an authentic bakery, and more! 

 *The Hollywood Studios section is currently closed and will reopen Summer 2013 as Disney Studios. Be sure to join us when it happens!