The Blue Sky Cellar

Our model is constantly changing... So it would only make sense for us to have a preview center! Get a rare inside look at some of our upcoming attractions and shows!
Paradise Pier Expansion/Renovation
The Paradise Pier project is simple... Well not really! The idea of it is to make this area of Miniature Disney California Adventure seem like an old, Victorian-style, seaside amusement park at about the turn of the century. When Disney did their Paradise Pier project, they only did some of what they promised. For our project, we will do our best to recreate what Disney intended on building... With, of course, plenty of our own ideas!
Here is a picture of what we have done/intend on doing to the area. 
 Many things are coming to Paradise Pier... We can't wait to show them to you when it happens!
Tomorrowland Makeover 
  One of our more troubled areas themed-wise is receiving one of the most extensive makeovers in Miniature Disneyland History. One thing we broke away from was the "Futuristic" theme of the area and we are working hard to turn it into a space city... set in the future! No longer are we trying to make this a land where you can see what the future will be like, but instead we are making it more so of a fantasy-like future. More of a "Sci-fi" area. The Tomorrowland Makeover has been in planning for a long time and will make it's debut early October. 
Our main inspiration was Disneyland's Tomorrowland 2055 concept. Things from that and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland will be found in this new, more or less original, extensively themed-area.
Fantasy Village
When we heard of the upcoming Fantasy Faire at Disneyland... We just had to have it in our parks too! At Miniature Disneyland Park, however, the area will be called Fantasy Village. The area will, unlike Disneyland's, have less focus on the Princesses and be more of an area for all of our characters. The Fantasy Village is going to replace our Carnation Gardens Plaza (like Disneyland), which was a very underutilized and dull space of our park. The Fantasy Village is slated to open late 2012/early 2013.
Cars Land 
Our most anticipated area is none other than Cars Land. Cars Land is going to be one of our most detailed models ever created. With stunning rock work (the most we have ever created to date!), detailed landscaping and areas, to the 3 interactive models being placed, Cars Land is sure to be a hit. The land will feature a full recreation of Radiator Springs, the lone town from Disney-Pixar's Cars, a stunning Cadillac Range to serve as the backdrop, and detailed Ornament Valley areas. Cars Land will open Summer 2013.
More exhibits coming soon! 

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